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Company vision 

Our vision is to be a powerful example for others in our community to follow. We want to set standards through our attitudes, actions and interactions that will positively influence and will be a positive example for the sector. We aim to achieve our stretch goals while at the same time remaining a modest but professional consulting firm.

Company mission 

Our mission is twofold – 

  1. to enable our clients to communicate their key messages by using our media, communication and events organisation services, by creating effective and innovative products and platforms or by delivering events; 
  2. to provide quality services enabling our clients to achieve their objectives by using the EC frameworks instruments in the sectors of infrastructure, sustainable growth and job creation. 

We utilise our unique model of line-of-actions (replicable to other sectors) and our in-house professionals. 

Core principles

Accuracy in everything we do. Attention in our reading and understanding of requirements and accuracy in formulating our response in tenders and in implementing and delivering our work. Precision in our adaptability to respond to changing requirements and our ability to assess the precise course of actions necessary in a given moment.  

Reliability of and on our services. We strive to inspire the trust of our clients. Our systems, procedures and processes evolve in accordance with our clients developing requirements. We are a ‘Safe but also innovative pair of hands’ for our clients and provide value for the money invested by our clients for promoting partnerships.

Professionalism in our attitude and relationships with our clients, partners, services suppliers, experts and colleagues. Professionalism in our approach, planning, implementation and knowledge capitalisation of our services. The key to the quality and efficiency of our services is our professionalism. 

Accountability for all our actions. Our strategy, our approach, our plans and our actions are based on a fundamental principal of accountability. We are accountable for what we deliver (quality), how we deliver (compliance) and for everyone who we involve in this process (staffing).  


Statutory Representative of C&M


Team & Structure

Corporate structure

C&M Slovakia Headquarters

C&M Belgium DB center


Corporate Governance

C&M is noted for its flexibility, tailor-made solutions, and its commitment to excellence in the management of projects.

C&M has been awarded the most recent certification ISO 9001-2008. The international staff of C&M has an in-depth experience of managing European Union funded projects. Its entire staff has been working, among others, in AIDCO, EC Delegations, PMUs, Contracting or Programming Authorities.

C&M makes the difference as it emphasizes the following principles:

  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Sustainability
  • Partnership


Operations: Nicolas SANSON


Finances: Andrea JEDLICKOVA


Business development: Philippe van MALDEGHEM


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