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C&M is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary consultancy firm based in the heart of central Europe, closely working with EU institutions and international organizations. We support the efforts of our main clients, regional, national and local authorities, in making more effective their regulatory policies and governance structures.

Since 2012, we have decided to expand our activities in two targeted sectors: Communication and Infrastructures. True to our motto “together we can make the difference”, we have invited some of our historical partners to consolidate our partnership and gather our energies: Two European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIG) have been created simultaneously:  TIEG and NOOKOM.  Our strategy proved to be successful as both groupings are now well recognised Framework Contractors of the European Union’s institutions.

Our principal strengths are the high project and financial management capabilities of a motivated and skilled in-house staff.

Thanks also to our main partners, in both the EU-28 and the 160 Beneficiary countries of the EU aid, and to our extensive network of consultants (, we manage a significant number of projects, mainly as a Framework Contractor. We have acquired the reputation of delivering high quality outputs meeting our clients’ expectations and above.

It is our will to keep this recognition wherever we develop our business.

For us, the size is not the matter, the quality well!


Owner and Statutory Representative of C&M

Team & Structure

Corporate structure

C&M Slovakia Headquarters

C&M Belgium DB center


Corporate Governance

C&M is noted for its flexibility, tailor-made solutions, and its commitment to excellence in the management of projects.

C&M has been awarded the most recent certification ISO 9001-2008. The international staff of C&M has an in-depth experience of managing European Union funded projects. Its entire staff has been working, among others, in AIDCO, EC Delegations, PMUs, Contracting or Programming Authorities.

C&M makes the difference as it emphasizes the following principles:

  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Sustainability
  • Partnership


Operations: Nicolas SANSON

Finances: Andrea JEDLICKOVA

Business development: Philippe van MALDEGHEM

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TiEG is a registered European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) of consultancies from EU member states, led by C&M, whereby from a legal viewpoint its full members act together as a single organization and bring together their  best available knowledge  and experience. TiEG is focused on Transport and Infrastructures oriented projects. Click here to see more about TiEG

Nookom (EEIG) is a registered European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) of consultancies from EU member states, led by C&M. Nookom is focused on international conferences organization. Click here to see more about Nookom

Financial Capacities

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
CURRENT ASSETS 1,674,105 1,375,665 1,410,591 907,031 568,883
CURRENT LIABILITIES 192,506 385,578 492,257 829,263 614,406
TURNOVER 4,492,428 4,794,565 5,355,588 2,777,591 2,586,023

Table values are in euro